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Who's who in the world of troff

James Clark

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Home page.

Author of groff, including troff, eqn, tbl, pic, -ms and -man macros, which he contributed to the GNU project. No longer involved with GNU groff.

Ted Harding

GNU Groff User issues lead.

Brian Kernighan

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Home page.

Books covering troff and its companions

Publications that use troff

Werner Lemberg

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GNU Groff's Technical issues lead and now the main contributor to Groff's source code.

Born 1968 in Vienna, Austria. Musical studies at the ‘Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst’ in Vienna (now the University for Music): piano, composition, conducting. Currently working as a conductor and head of the music department (Studienleiter) of the theatre in Koblenz, Germany.

Software projects (besides groff):

See Dave Walden's interview of Werner on 2006-04-28 for more information.

Keith Marshall

Photo of Keith Marshall, circa 1991

I was born in August 1953, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I am a graduate of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST).

I am a Chartered Chemical Engineer, specialising in Process Automation and Control, and am employed by Total UK Limited, at their Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire, (Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Limited).

I've been contributing to groff since October 2003. My initial contribution was a set of patches to port Gaius Mulley's pre-html front-end, so it could work under MS-Windows. I later contributed, and continue to maintain, the ‘pdfmark’ macros, and the complementary ‘pdfroff’ program, (which has since evolved into a more generic multipass groff wrapper).

Besides contributing to groff, I both contribute to and assist in the administration of the MinGW project, bringing the power of GCC to the MS-Windows platform.

Doug McIlroy

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Home page.

Joe F. Ossanna

Photo of Joe F. Ossanna

Joseph Ossanna died on 28th November 1977. What follows is taken from http://www.telecom.tuc.gr/paperdb/it_50_years/profiles/4334.htm.

Bruce P. Bogert, Joseph F. Ossanna; The heuristics of cepstrum analysis of a stationary complex echoed Gaussian signal in stationary Gaussian noise Jul 19 66 pp. 373 - 380

Joseph F. Ossanna was born in Detroit, Mich., on December 10, 1928. He received the B.S.E.E. from Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich., in 1952.

He has since been a Member of the Technical Staff of the Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J. He has been concerned with low-noise amplifier design, feedback amplifier design, satellite look-angle prediction, mobile radio fading theory, and statistical data processing. He presently is concerned with the operation of the Murray Hill Computation Center and is actively engaged in the software design of Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service), a general purpose programming system to be used at the Bell Telephone Laboratories.

Mr. Ossanna is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, Sigma Xi, and Tau Beta Pi.

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