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Links to other troff-related sites

The GNU Groff home page.

Richard W. Stevens' Troff resources.

Gunnar Ritter's Heirloom Documentation Tools package contains descendants of OpenSolaris's troff and friends.

A community wiki for GNU Groff.

Dean Allen Provins' The Groff and Friends HOWTO, a local PDF version with the table of contents moved to the front of the original PostScript.

Ted Faber's implementation of Jon L. Bentley and Brian W. Kernighan's Grap.

Laurence Finston's 3DLDF is a 3D graphics package, similar in flavour to the 2D MetaPost, that outputs MetaPost code.

Dorai Sitaram's troff2page converts -ms and -man troff documents into HTML web pages.

Larry McVoy's Webroff, the system used for creating a web site from -ms source and used for the BitKeeper site.

Przemek Borys's eqascii creates plain text renderings of equations described in a manner similar to LaTeX.

Larry Kollar's Groff Resources, a collection of groff-related things he's worked on.

Trent A. Fisher's GNU troff Info.

Ralph Graulich's TROFF documentation collection, including his How-To Use Postscript Type 1 fonts with GROFF?.

Some quick reference HTML pages on troff commands.

David A. Wheeler's simplistic troff -mm to Adobe Framemaker translator, mm2frame.

Jeffreys Copeland & Haemer's ‘Work’ Columns include a few on troff, e.g. a résumé set of macros.

Philipp Janert's ONLamp column at O'Reilly praises pic.

To Do

From:    Larry Kollar

I'd like to see a page on troff.org that lists software that isn't part
of a *roff package, but is aware of its existence.  To make life a
little easier on Ralph, I attached an HTML file with descriptions (and
links) for Xfig, nrchbar, and changebar.

While looking for more goodies, I stumbled across these pages and
thought they'd be interesting for anyone who hasn't seen them:

    ‘A History of UNIX Before Berkeley’ - the good stuff
    starts at section 3.2 -- some historical information
    about the development of troff, some of the preprocessors,
    external developers (SoftQuad and others), and DWB.

    mv(5) manpage. Lists the macros in the package. Looks
    like a good start for anyone wanting to reverse-
    engineer a free version of the package.... 


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