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Acknowledgements and miscellaneous

The following people have provided material for macro packages.

Bruce Lilly <blilly@erols.com>, Benn Newman <newmanbe@sdf.lonestar.org>, and Kurt Wall <kwall@kurtwerks.com>.

The following people have suggested papers on troff and its companions.

Bruno Pillard <bruno.pillard@sun.com>, Rick Richardson <rickr@mn.rr.com>, and Bernd Warken <bwarken@mayn.de>.

The following people have suggested books covering troff and its companions. An extra word of thanks to those that supplied book cover images.

Andreas Kähäri, andreas.kahari at unix.net, Larry Kollar, Egil Kvaleberg <egil@kvaleberg.no>, Mark Lawrence <lawrence@unified-eng.com>, P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia <dradul@007mundo.com>, Gaius Mulley <gaius@glam.ac.uk>, Bruno Pillard <bruno.pillard@sun.com>, Arnold Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>, and Jon Snader <jsnader@ix.netcom.com>.

The following people have suggested publications that use troff.

Jacek Artymiak <artymiak@safenet.pl>, Lars J. Buitinck, Ben Collver <collver@linuxfreemail.com>, Greg Lehey <grog@lemis.com>, Gaius Mulley <gaius@glam.ac.uk>, Rick Richardson <rickr@mn.rr.com>, Stewart Russell <stewart@gandalfgraphics.com>, Okazaki Tetsurou <okazaki@be.to>, and David Vos <dvos@cs.purdue.edu>.

The following people have provided material for source code.

Benn Newman <newmanbe@sdf.lonestar.org>, and Gunnar Ritter <gunnarr@acm.org>.

The following people have suggested links to troff-related sites.

Ben Collver <collver@linuxfreemail.com>, Manas Laha <mlaha@aero.iitkgp.ernet.in>, Werner Lemberg <wl@gnu.org>, Gunnar Ritter <gunnarr@acm.org>, and Stewart Russell <stewart@gandalfgraphics.com>.

A special note of thanks to Dennis Ritchie <dmr@plan9.bell-labs.com>, and Ric Werme <ewerme@attbi.com> who both supplied a picture of Joe F. Ossanna from the King of Hearts card in Usenix's 25th Anniversary of Unix celebration playing card pack.

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